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Do not hire Holly Encinias Powers.She owes my friend over $450.00 for training that Holly never provided.

Holly is a no show after you pay her. You can set up appointments but something will always come up and she will not provide the service. She is not one of the better trainers in town and is unreliable. I would go to a real gym where you are provided with real trainers and your money is safe.

She promised to pay my friend the money back then complained that she could not get the money up front. My friend paid her upfront. Then month, after month, after month no money and no response. Holly has moved from one gym in Albuquerque to another and never stays in one place for long.

She is the same way with the people she claims to work with. I would never recommend this person or her company. Your money will go down the drain.

My friend has to go to small claims to try to get the money out of Holly.

Review about: Fitness.

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